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I’m a Sofware Engineer working in Ahmedabad, India 🇮🇳.

  • ✨ Working on bestuxschool website.
  • 🦉 Transitioning from Development to Design.
  • 🏄 Product Enthusiast
  • 🏢 I’m currently working at Infostretch Corporation
  • ⚙️ I use daily: .js, .jsx, .feature, .java, .ts, .txt, .json
  • 🌍 I’m mostly active within the React.JS, Node.JS and Automation communities
  • 💅 Design Career: I will be joining UMBC HCC Program this Fall (2021).
  • 🌱 Learning all about Open Source
  • ⚡️ Fun fact: I’m not a robot.


bestuxschool I have been searching for UX Schools myself for Fall 2021. I have been lucky enough to have gathered a lot of information regarding different universities.

But when I look around at top blogs, I realized that none of them gave a comparative picture of different universities. I mean we all struggle with the question right, “Why this university?” and that’s what we are asked to write in personal statement.

Hence I took the liberty to deep dive into their websites, look at different offerings. Ranks mentioned at different websites do matter, but to a certain limit. You have to deep dive into the research, curriculum, fees, alumni, research topics, facilities, networking opportunities, housing facilities and so much more while deciding for a university.

Use this blog as a context to that. I have extracted the information that is enough for you to atleast getting started with your search. I have created a simple path / pattern for you to surf around so that you are synced with information in similar structure.

All the information here has been taken from the official websites unless mentioned otherwise.

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